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We are a company dedicated to provide nutrition and body care products. Our mission is to offer the highest quality natural solutions to help achieve a healthier and more balanced life.

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The company was established in 1994 by the prestigious and recognized nutritionist Dr. Rogelio Lee, who described himself according to his own words “I’m not a bussinessman, I do this (Godleetikas) out of love to people”.

Dr. Lee dedicated his life to the development of Godleetikas ® supplements in response to the needs he observed in his patients. During all those years, he earned many acknowledgements and compliments from all over the world as testimony of his profuse and highly respected work as well as testimony of the substantial contributions he has done as a nutritionist. As Dr. Lee asseverated “People just tell the truth and share with others what works for them”.

Today the company keeps the legacy of Dr. Lee going through the traditional products, which have been essential to help achieve a balanced life, as well as the innovative products of natural origin which have been developed more recently.

Godleetikas combines traditional products with the constant search for innovative products to help achieve an effective and natural answer to the need of a balanced life.