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BOSWELLA ™ – From India All Natural Authentic Ayurvedic Source

Features & Benefits:

  • All natural herbal supplement
  • Well known anti-inflammatory effects

Key Ingredients:

  • Boswellic Acids


  • Natural Ayurvedic source
  • 100 Capsules



Ingredients: Each capsule contains – 300 mg of Boswellic Acids.

Boswella™ is the gum resin extracted from the Boswellia serrata plant from India. Boswellic acids are used in traditional medicine in India and African countries for the treatment of a variety of inflammatory conditions. Recent studies indicate that boswellic acids inhibit the activity of key inflammatory enzymes and dampen the inflammatory immune system response. It is an all natural alternative to conventional treatment.

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4 reviews for BOSWELLA ™

  1. Tony

    This is a great product that I usually use, and provides me amazing results. Fast delivery.

  2. Roberto

    I love this natural solution, it helps me a lot!

  3. Jerry

    Very satisfied with Boswella!

  4. Julie

    Boswella is great for my knees. I was starting to have some problems with them. Also my hand was hurting, so I take 3 capsules a day and I have no more pain anywhere. I couldn’t be without it!

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