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CAL-MAG – Calcium Carbonate and Magnesium Oxide

Features & Benefits:

  • Contributes to the formation of strong bones and teeth
  • Contributes to cellular energy production, nerve and heart function

Key Ingredients:

  • Calcium Carbonate, Magnesium Oxide


  • 100 Tablets



Ingredients: Each 1000 mg, Tablet contains – Calcium Carbonate 400 mg, and Magnesium Oxide 285 mg, plus excipients.

Calcium, an essential mineral that contributes to the formation of strong bones and teeth, diminishes with age in both men and women. Calcium carbonate contains the highest level of calcium. Magnesium Oxide, an essential micro-mineral, increases the effectiveness of calcium.

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23 reviews for CAL-MAG

  1. Rachel

    This product provides what I need to keep my bones strong and allows me to do all my daily activities. Great natural solution.

  2. Martha

    I highly recommend CalMag. Very satisfied with the delivery and the brand.

  3. Alfredo

    Good product, I am satisfied.

  4. Tom

    Easy to swallow! Take at night as it helps me sleep

  5. Linda

    I just started taking these pills. So they maybe great, time will tell. But 4 pills is a lot and these are not small pills.
    I already take enough pills a day, not sure I like adding 4 more.

  6. Maria

    Mi psiquiatra me recomendo tomar este producto para descansar mejor. Me ha dado muy buenos resultados, lo recomiendo para las personas de la tercera edad.

  7. John

    My wife takes these and it has really helped with her leg cramps.

  8. Anna

    I teach yoga and use my body very much… This helped me to soft my muscles and joints. I am happy. I only take one at day because I was getting dizzy when I took 2.

  9. Franco

    Very good, all excellent!

  10. Carlos

    Lo acabo de empezar no tengo resultados todavía.

  11. Marilyn

    Easy to swallow and helps me stay Healthy.

  12. Tony

    I have been taking Godleetikas suplements for years and am truly impressed by their qualiity . The calcium magnesium capsules are very easy to swallow and have no after taste

  13. Gina

    I like these minerals The shipping was fast. I’ll buy again

  14. Mariene

    This supplement works to prevent muscle crammps, heart rhythm issues, and muscle pain and swelling after exercise or a fall. My muscles feel like I’m 20 again. Love it.

  15. Wanda

    Easy to swallow and it doesn’t have any smell to worry about. I’m taking it at night to sleep better and it seems to be helping me relax.

  16. Corina

    I have been very satisfied with all of theGodleetikas vitamin and mineral products I have tried. The Cal-Mag is no exception. When I”m in need of a supplement, this one is very good.

  17. Victor

    I am so happy with this product. I feel very good since taking this mineral.

  18. Katherine

    I have needed a calcium supplement for most of my life, so, I have tried many brands. This is the best. I have osteoporosis, but it has gotten BETTER since I have taken these becuase my boody doesn’t shoot out the hard tablet before it is dispersed.

  19. Russell

    I need calcium. It’s a good product!

  20. Doris

    Mi psiquiatra me recomendo tomar este suplemento y hasta ahora me esta resultando muy bien.

  21. Moe

    I’ve taken this brand for a few years now and am pleased with the results as well as the ease in swallowing the capsules. They aren’t ‘horse pill’ sized like some other calcium products. Good value too.

  22. Manuel

    Good value for the money.

  23. Terry

    Met my required calcium needs. I really like that I can have calcium and magnesium in one instead of taking multiple vitamins.

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