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LIPO BC ™ – Choline, Inositol, Biotin, Vitamin C, B-Vitamins

Features & Benefits:

  • Increases metabolism to burn fat
  • Transports fat out of the body
  • Prohibits fat build up in the liver
  • Detoxifies and improves liver function
  • Boosts energy

Key ingredients:

  • Choline, Inositol, Biotin, Vitamin C, B-Vitamins


  • Maximizes and boots benefits of injections
  • Alternative to shots for needle phobic patients
  • 90 Tablets



Lipotropic Formula
Ingredients: Each tablet contains: Vitamin B1, B2, and B6 50 mg. of each, B12 50 mcg., Biotin 50 mcg, Choline, Inositol and Niacinamide 50 mg. of each, PABA 30 mg., Calcium 50mg., Folic Acid 400 mcg., Vitamin C 500 mg, and Vitamin D3 300IU

Lipotropic literally means “fat-loving” and the term is used to refer to substances that are able to help the liver metabolize fats and remove them from the blood stream. Lipotropic nutrients increase production of lecithin by the liver thereby helping to keep cholesterol more soluble and lessening deposits in blood vessels. They help prevent accumulation of fats in the liver. They also detoxify amines, which are by-products of protein metabolism.
Besides improving fat metabolism, lipotropics will also aid in the metabolism of fat-soluble nutrients and aid the liver in its other metabolic functions.

Features and Benefits

  • Increases metabolism to burn fat
  • Aids in removing and transporting fat out of the body
  • Prevents abnormal accumulation of fat in the liver

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4 reviews for LIPO BC ™

  1. Lara

    The product is super helpful. On time delivery, thanks

  2. Gabriel

    Good product.

  3. Sarah

    Great natural supplement to burn fat. I have started using it 4 months ago and I am buying it always, the results are noticeable.

  4. Lydia

    I really love this product!

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